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                  Big Life is in the business of changing lives for people who have the least

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                  We know there might be all sorts of things stopping people from getting where they want to be. People juggle health, work, relationships and much more besides, so when one thing goes wrong, it can cause problems in other areas, especially for those with little financial or social support to begin with. That’s why we look at every aspect of a person’s life, and work with them to remove all those obstacles on the journey to changing their life for the better.

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                  I hope you remember we stood side by side on the frontline, fighting a common enemy. I hope you remember we stood shoulder to shoulder in the war against Covid-19. I hope you remember when we fought in the trenches the differences of our faces faded. I hope you remember both you and I we...



                  In this video, we discuss how we ensure our services are open to Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities.

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                  Fay Selvan, Big Life CEO, on the events in America this week, and the importance of not just standing in solidarity, but taking action.

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                  We are also no longer holding groups inside. We’re currently arranging alternatives where possible through considering walking or virtual groups. Please contact your group facilitator, or the centre where the group runs from, for more information.

                  If you’re worried, think you may have symptoms of Coronavirus or want further information, see the latest advice from Public Health England.

                  Finally, if you’re struggling through self-isolation, please don’t feel alone. There are local community groups being created all over the country, which you can find here. Alternatively, you can call our community centres in your local area, which you can find here.

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